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RD Stainless Steel Roof Ducting, Refrigeration Piping Protection

On every VRF/VRV project, there are 5 parties who share a strong vested interest in seeing that the finished installation functions as well as intended and looks professional:


The Owner – to maximize the efficiency of the AC system and enhance the exterior appearance of his building.

The consulting engineer – to reflect his engineering prowess.

The architect – to illustrate his architectural talents.

The VRF/VRV manufacturer and the Distributor – to perform as advertised and to act as a showcase to help them sell their equipment.

The contractor – to reflect the high quality of work performed by his company.

When the installation looks very professional and performs exactly as planned, it becomes a credit to the entire supply chain and a win-win situation for everybody concerned.

For any HVACR or mechanical contractor involved in VRF/VRV air conditioning, Below are the 6 COMPELLING REASONS, why you should consider including the RD and PD Series of Lineset enclosure systems in your projects:


Preserving the integrity of the linesets is essential to the correct operation of the system. Most VRF /VRV installations involve extensive rooftop and exterior linesets which are almost always exposed to the weather. These linesets have to be protected from the elements, birds, and rodents, and most importantly, from mechanical damage inflicted by other trades. Furthermore, in Northern climates, the linesets are also subject to “Snowcreep”, the pressures exerted by heavy snowfalls which can move the linesets and, in some cases, damage them.


Linesets are by nature, extremely unsightly and any given VRF/VRV installation which features exposed linesets tends to be an eyesore. When the linesets are enclosed within a purpose-designed, factory-made, professionally installed enclosure system, the appearance of the finished AC installation well as the building is substantially enhanced.

3.No labor

We do all the work. All you have to do is get us the relevant information, drawings, lineset sizes, and insulation thickness. On receipt of these, we will do the takeoff, size, and design of the system, select the correct components and present you with a priced-up bill of quantities as well as a concept sketch.

4.No investment

You have no investment in time or materials and no inventory or extra handling is required. You order materials only as and when needed and these are drawn from our supplier’s large inventory in their Fort Worth warehouse and can be drop shipped directly to your Jobsite.

5.Ease of installation

All components are modular, easy to install and facilitate the installation of the linesets to reduce installation time and labor costs.

6.Profit Center

By offering the RD or PD Series lineset enclosures as an integral part of the project or as an optional extra, you create the opportunity to upsell the contract and enhance your bottom line.

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Head Office: Mississauga
1608 Bonhill Road, Mississauga, ON L5T 1C7
1 (800) 567 - 2221

Barrie Branch
691 Dunlop Street W., Barrie, ON L4N 9W9
1 (800) 688 -1673

London Branch
90 Towerline Place, London, ON N6E 2T1
1 (519) 914 - 9000

Windsor Branch
11629 County Road 42, Tecumseh, ON N8N 0H1
1 (519) 914 - 0332