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The Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim P-Series is a compact, quiet and energy efficient way to provide cooling or heating in a wide array of commercial or large residential applications. The P-Series system is a cornerstone of the Mitsubishi Electric product line, and is widely known for its top of the line quality and endurance.

  • Delivers flexible and reliable heating and cooling solutions of up to 42,000 BTU/h
  • Each room, office, or space can enjoy its own heating and cooling, depending on the use of the space
  • Wall-mounted, ceiling-recessed, ceiling-suspended, ceiling-concealed, and multi-position AHU options
  • Perfect for: ducted or ductless buildings, commercial buildings of any size, larger residential applications, spaces with specified area needs like restaurants, condo buildings, computer and server rooms
  • Market leader in low ambient cooling – it is the only unit in the market that truly operates down to -40°C (24/7/365 cooling that is perfect for any server room)
  • VCSi technology provides for an efficiently run system with reduced energy costs
  • See the Features & Benefits of the P-Series product line

Features & Benefits

VCSi Technology
Use 30% less energy than conventional systems! At the heart of Mitsubishi Electric’s Mr.Slim™ technology is Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSi) technology. As opposed to conventional systems that inefficiently start with a surge and stay on at a maximum fixed speed, the VCSi technology automatically adjusts the system’s capacity to match your home’s moment to moment heating and cooling needs, thus saving you from the higher bills of a conventional system that runs at full speed even when demand is low.

-40°C Cooling
Unlike conventional systems, MrSlim™ – P Series Ultra Low Ambient cooling system is designed to provide cooling in temperatures as cold as -40°C/F, making it the perfect system for computer rooms, telecom substations or mechanical rooms during cold winter months. Additionally, all P-Series Low Ambient cooling systems are designed to perform at -18°C (0°F).

MrSlim™ – P Series uses ozone friendly and non-CFC R-410A refrigerant, allowing you to feel cool while staying green.

Zone Control
Mr. Slim’s multi-zone technology allows you to program each room to its own temperature, pleasing everyone in each business, organization or family. The P-Series is also ideal for large or uniquely shaped spaces since it allows two indoor units to operate simultaneously with a single outdoor unit, ensuring the temperatures remain consistent throughout the room, leaving no corner unreached.

Industry Leading Warranty
Mitsubishi Electric stands strongly behind each and every one of their products and in doing so offers a 5-year parts and 7-year compressor warranty that is among the best in the industry. This warranty is upgraded to a 10-year parts and compressor warranty in cases where the Mr. Slim P-Series system is installed and registered by an authorized Mitsubishi Electric MEQ Dealer.

3-D i-see Sensor
The “3D i-see Sensor” uses a temperature sensing technology, developed by Mitsubishi Electric, to create a comfortable environment in shops and offices. The sensor rotates slowly in intervals of 5 seconds, measuring the temperatures of the entire floor space using infra-red rays. These values are then used to determine which parts of the room need additional heating or cooling.

Extremely Quiet Operation
You may not even notice the MrSlim™ P-Series system is on. The indoor units are quieter than a whisper at 27dB(A), and the outdoor units are a mere 47dB(A).

Lead / Lag Function
MrSlim™ – P Series has a rotation, back-up and stand-by system all in one package. Not only do two systems alternate to split operation hours but the second system will remain on stand-by for times when the demand exceeds the capacity of one system, automatically returning back to standby when demand returns to normal. The two systems provide each other with back-up capacity, ensuring your space is always being serviced even if one system should be compromised.

All it takes to install the MrSlim™ – P Series is two small diameter refrigerant pipes connecting the outdoor to the indoor units, and a simple electrical connection. With a maximum of 164 feet of refrigerant pipe length, you can install each indoor unit in places that are more difficult to reach via ducted systems.

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Head Office: Mississauga
1608 Bonhill Road,
Mississauga, ON L5T 1C7
1 (800) 567 - 2221

Hydronics & Unico Division
6125 Netherhart Road,
Mississauga, ON L5T 1G5
1 (905) 362 - 5293

Barrie Branch
691 Dunlop Street W.,
Barrie, ON L4N 9W9
1 (800) 688 -1673

London Branch
90 Towerline Place,
London, ON N6E 2T1
1 (519) 914 - 9000

Windsor Branch
11629 County Road 42,
Tecumseh, ON N8N 0H1
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