RenewAire ERV

RenewAire recovery ventilators provide fresh, clean air to any residential or commercial space. They have the most energy efficient line of ventilators in North America. 

  • Increasingly more essential in every building as chemical vapours, odour and moisture from bathrooms, cooking, pets and various other factors all contribute to an unhealthy breathing environment that can lead to “Sick Building Syndrome”.
  • Perfect for: new homes; existing home upgrades, commercial exhaust ventilation projects, etc
  • RenewAire optimizes Indoor Air Quality by using the Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay core to transport fresh outdoor air and eliminate any cross-contamination between stale and fresh air, ensuring that all inhabitants are breathing clean air to keep them energized and healthy each and every day
  • Supremely quiet
  • Attractive, sturdy grille
  • Low air leakage dampers minimize uncontrolled infiltration
  • Heat-sink motor mount for cool, continuous operation and long service life
  • Robust steel housing and duct collar
  • UL listed for tub/shower enclosure when used with GFCI branch circuit