City Multi VRF

City Multi is a premium, eco-friendly multiple split system consisting of outdoor condensing units, multiple indoor units, and small refrigerant piping that together provides heating, cooling or both to any building structure, whether it be ducted or ductless.

  • Each room, office, or space can enjoy its own heating and cooling, depending on the use of the space
  • City Multi offers a premium HVAC solution for any building in need of a specified, long-lasting and reliable HVAC system.
  • Best used for: ducted or ductless buildings; commercial buildings of any size; spaces with specified area needs like restaurants, religious facilities, condo buildings, residential buildings, and server rooms
  • Outdoor and indoor units are connected via two slim refrigerant pipes
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology moves the eco-friendly R410A through the pipes
  • It is the world's only 2-pipe heat recovery system that allows for simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Depending on the series, each outdoor condensing units can be paired with up to 50 indoor air handling units (ranging from 6,000 BTU/h to up to 96,000 BTU/h per unit)
  • The indoor handling units are available in multiple configurations to suit the needs of each space

Features & Benefits

At the heart of Mitsubishi Electric's Mr.Slim™ technology is Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSi) technology. As opposed to conventional systems that inefficiently start with a surge and stay on at a maximum fixed speed, the VCSi technology automatically adjusts the system’s capacity to match your home’s moment to moment heating and cooling needs, thus saving you from the higher bills of a conventional system that runs at full speed even when demand is low.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology is the brains behind the City Multi multi-split system. It ensures that the exact amount of refrigerant is circulated in the 2-pipe system in order to transfer heat between the indoor and outdoor units to meet the specific needs of each particular zone. Unlike most chiller systems, there is no refrigerant-to-water heat loss. Unlike most air ducted systems, there is no heat loss through lengthy metal ducts. VRF enables City Multi to adjust dynamically to meet actual load requirements, meaning no unnecessary waste in energy or operating expenses.

City Multi's patent-pending Hyper Heating Inverter (H2i) technology makes it one of few heat pumps that provide ultimate, energy-efficient room comfort when outdoor temperatures drop to -25 °C.

City Multi can be operated as either an air source or water source heat pump. In buildings where there is limited exterior access or simply for even greater energy efficiency, City Multi simply taps into a building’s existing water loop to provide highly efficient year round heat transfers. Water source units are now available in S75/3/60.

City Multi, Hydra-Dan Booster and HEX units combine to convert recovered heat energy into hot water for sanitary use or hydronic radiant heating and cooling applications. Use City Multi and reduce your CO2emissions while drastically reducing your operating costs.

City Multi is the world’s first and only 2-pipe system that offers simultaneous heating and cooling using heat recovery. This heat recovery occurs via a branch circuit controller (BC Controller) which redistributes temperatures across zones while bypassing the compressor unit and thereby saving energy.

City Multi’s multi-zone Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology saves energy and allows you to program each room to its own temperature, satisfying any buildings diverse needs.

The industry first & revolutionary i-See Sensor measures the effects of radiant heat or cold drafts from windows, walls, floors, or even other people in the room and focuses airflow to those areas in order to maintain your desired air temperatures & prevent excessive heating or cooling.

Using industry leading technologies like VRF, H2iTM, zone control systems and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410-A, City Multi ensures only the necessary amount of energy in consumed, depending on the actual load of each building on an ongoing basis.

Mitsubishi Electric City Multi systems use ozone friendly and non-CFC R-410A refrigerant, allowing you to feel cool while staying green.

With compact indoor and outdoor units designed for easy ductless installation, and control circuits and remote controllers that are proprietary to City Multi through a non-polar 2-wire M-Net communication bus, City Multi is designed to minimize installation time and costs.