Lossnay ERV

Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilators provide an ideal ventilation system for enhanced air quality in any type of commercial building.

  • Replace stale indoor air pollutants with fresh, clean & healthy air using the energy efficient and state of the art Lossnay ERV system
  • Perfect for: any Mitsubishi Electric City Multi system, or in stand-alone applications
  • Replaces stale indoor air with healthy, fresh air
  • Prevents cross-contamination through separate fresh and exhaust air streams
  • Recovers energy by reducing the heating or cooling load on the air conditioner or heat pump (by lowering the difference in temperature and humidity between the fresh and indoor air)

Features & Benefits

Heat Exchange Efficiency

Lossnay’s core cross-flow, plate-fin structure of the heat-exchange unit provides unmatched comfort, and specially processed paper fully separates inducted and exhausted air supplies, resulting in the introductions of strictly fresh air to the indoor environment.

Cross-Flow Static-Plate Technology

Lossnay Core is built upon the principle of “Cross-Flow Static-Plate Heat Exchanger”. Fresh air passes through one direction, while stale air passes through a different passage in perpendicular direction separated by partition plates. Both air flows are completely separated, with no gas leakage and no cross contamination. No moving parts are used in the Cross-Flow State-Plate Technology, and thus having the advantages of maximizing heat transfer efficiency, easy and low maintenance, long service life, and no break downs.

Free Cooling with Bypass Ventilation

At times when the outdoor air is cooler than the indoor air, for example in morning or at night or when there is a crowd of people, Lossnay's built in by-pass damper will activate to bring in the cooler fresh air and reduce the indoor cooling load.

Supremely Quiet

Operating as low as 24dB(a) of sound, Lossnay’s meticulous design results in little air vibration and is widely used as a noise absorption system which can take in an example of 88.2dB of sound and emit a mere 42.9dB.

Ready for Canadian Climates

Lossnay ERV is ready for any Canadian climate with its built-in frost prevention cycle. When the outdoor temperature drops below -10°C, many heat exchange ventilators will be in frequent defrost mode which dramatically reduces the amount of fresh air which can enter the building.Lossnay uses the proactive approach that prevents frost from occurring in these more extreme conditions, where the Supply Air fan in the Lossnay unit will begin intermittent operation, allowing the warm exhaust air to keep water vapour in the core from condensing, and having constant exhaust ventilation rate while maintaining separation in the airstreams.

Contribute to LEED Credits

Lossnay ERV is designed to be an energy saving ventilation system which reduces heating and cooling loads. Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventilator is recognized as a "Green" product and can contribute to the following LEED Credits:

  • EA Prerequisite 2 - Minimum Energy Performance
  • EA Credit 1 - Optimize Energy Performance
  • IEQ Prerequisite 1 - Minimum IAQ
  • IEQ Credit 7 - Thermal Comfort