For over 30 years, our business has operated on the belief that end users can only be satisfied

if our clients completely understand our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) high quality products. 


We are here to train you every step of the way, in whatever way suits your convenience.


Come train at our offices, or let us come to YOU.



For 27 years, Mits has offered in depth product training courses at our head office in Mississauga, Ontario.


We are proud to have an on-site training facility with a fully functional showroom consisting of all of our products. Let us introduce you to experts who can teach you how to design, install and operate the top of the line HVAC products we distribute, all in a hands on manner. 





We know all too well how busy an HVAC professional’s life can be. Let us travel to you with lunch and provide you with training on our products, all in whatever time slot you might have available.


All you have to do is e-mail us and we will take care of the rest







Attend a Scheduled Training Session

The following training sessions have been pre-scheduled for the following dates. Sign up for session(s) that work for you! 




Request a New Training Session 


Interested in learning about a specific product not listed above? Or do none of the above dates work for you? 

Please fill out this TRAINING REQUEST FORM to schedule a training!